Top 10 forests to visit across Canada

Eastern White cedar trees

By Nature Conservancy of Canada Staff   Canada is rich in forest habitats, with many unique forests in each province. Over half of our country is covered in forests, and Canada is home to almost 10 per cent of the world’s forests. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is dedicated to preserving forests coast-to-coast, from the boreal […]

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Old science learns new tricks—applications of new technology in the geosciences

By Tanya Samman, Earth and Environmental Science Co-editor In recent years, many areas of the geosciences, including palaeontology, have adopted cutting edge technology and techniques—sometimes in unexpected ways. There are lots of potential applications! Today I’m describing three examples: mapping fossil sites; obtaining soft tissue information from fossils; and armchair geoscience. The first two illustrate […]

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A Tale of Two Rivers

By Kira Hoffman, General Sciences Co-editor   In December 2014, residents of Jordan River received some unwelcome news. The 103-year-old Jordan River Dam, located 7 km upstream of this tiny seaside community on southwestern Vancouver Island, had been deemed unlikely to withstand a major earthquake. Six years earlier, BC Hydro had commissioned a peer-reviewed study […]

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An ecosystem with high mercury: Photos and photons welcome

by Sara Klapstein, New Science Communicator Guest Blogger When I tell people I study mercury, they often think I study the planet, not the element. Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature and, due to its unique chemical properties, it can cycle between land, air, and water through a variety of […]

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It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s not even a dinosaur…it’s a pterosaur!

llustrations of 33 different pterosaur headcrests, showing the diversity of this group of reptiles.

 By Sri Ray-Chauduri and Kathi Unglert, Earth and Environmental Sciences Co-editors Dinosaurs always seem to excite people, whether it’s an actual discovery, like the tail vertebrae with feathers found this past December in Myanmar, or fictional stories, like Hollywood’s upcoming Jurassic World 2, rumoured to combine human and dinosaur DNA in the plot. But dinosaurs, which lived […]

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