**UPDATED** Seeking Blog Managing Editor

Blog Managing Editor Wanted

Science Borealis is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic Managing Editor to take our Borealis Blog and Editorial Team to the next level. We’re seeking a self-motivated individual with strong management skills, the ability to wrangle a diverse team of subject editors, innovative ideas for increasing our reach and engagement, and the ability to make those ideas reality.


This is a volunteer position. However, because it carries more responsibility and a greater commitment than our other positions, we have budgeted a $300/month remuneration for this.

This is a primarily a managerial position. To catch our attention you must convince us that you can manage a busy, remote team of 30 writers and editors on a daily basis. See details below.


As Managing Editor, you will manage the day-to-day operations of the Borealis Blog, providing overarching advice and support to the Editorial Team to maintain the editorial quality and standards of the Blog.

With the help of the Team Coordinator and Blog Editors, you will maintain communications with the Subject Editors via regular (virtual) meetings, Slack, Dropbox, email, and/or any other approaches that effectively keep the team engaged. You will act as a mentor and find ways to bring out the best in our bloggers and help them develop their science communication skills.

Together with our Outreach Team Manager, you will develop and pursue a strategy to expand the reach and scope of our Borealis Blog. You will establish an annual editorial calendar; seek new partners and guest bloggers; devise and implement blog themes and events; and find other creative ways to enhance our overall engagement with the Canadian and international science communication communities.

As this is a leadership role, you will be an integral member of the Science Borealis team, reporting to and receiving support from the Science Borealis Core Team. You will keep the organization apprised of Editorial activities, make recommendations as to how these can be enhanced, and provide editorial support for our broader initiatives.

Time Commitment

Minimum 1 year commitment following a successful 1-month training period.

12-14 hours per week distributed as follows (must be available to check in and respond to the team at least 5 days per week):

  • [40%] Day-to-day Team Management: Checking and replying to email; following and responding to team in Slack; answering questions; composing, sending regular team updates, announcements, calls to action; scheduling pitch sessions; overseeing Blog Editor and Coordinator activities; providing team and individual recognition (congratulations, thank you notes, t-shirts, etc.); planning and implementing ideas to build team’s sense of community.
  • [40%] Borealis Blog Management: Planning, tracking, and changing the Editorial Calendar; reviewing, formatting, and putting up posts in WordPress; working with the Outreach Manager to deal with guest posts and seek partner organisations for post exchanges; tracking posts through the editorial cycle and providing management direction when necessary; finding last-minute replacement posts; editing posts outside of regular editorial cycle.
  • [15%] HR/Personnel: recruiting, assessing, intaking new volunteer team members; letting volunteers go; rearranging duties to better suit team members; developing and maintaining training materials; scheduling around people’s leaves, absences, etc.; managing internal/private personnel issues.
  • [5%] External Communications: tracking Editorial activities for reporting to Core Team and BoD; working with Core Team to ensure Editorial goals align with overall Science Borealis goals; coordinating activities with other teams and initiatives; responding to email inquiries directed to Managing Editor; reaching out to potential editorial partners.


This is a remote position. However, because the team is located primarily in Canada, time zone is a consideration.


This is a fixed price volunteer position. Science Borealis has a monthly budget of $300 available for this role. Payment will begin after successful completion of a one-month training period. Applicants must be legally permitted to work in Canada.

Skills Required

  • High level of organization and time management skills; able to manage and track daily workflow and special projects
  • Strong leadership skills
  • The ability to respond to and manage the needs of a large, remote team with diverse interests, styles, and availability
  • Strong communication, writing, editing skills
  • Strong ability to work independently; self motivated
  • The ability to formulate, research, and implement long-range strategy
  • Comfort with online collaboration tools and teleconferencing


  • Journalism and/or science communications training or experience
  • Familiarity with science and science communications communities in Canada
  • WordPress skills

About our Editorial Team

The Science Borealis Editorial Team consists of the Managing Editor, a Team Coordinator, two Blog Editors, and 20-24 Subject Editors. The Subject Editors monitor our 12 subject categories blog feeds for interesting content, contribute one Borealis Blog post per cycle (approx. every 12 weeks), and take part in other initiatives as requested.

About the Borealis Blog

The Borealis Blog is the online hub for Science Borealis. The blog hosts weekly editorial posts from our subject editors, coverage of news and special events, guest posts and themed series. All posts are professionally edited by a qualified member of the Science Borealis Team.

About Science Borealis

Science Borealis is a non-profit, volunteer organization. We are an inclusive digital science salon featuring Canadians blogging about a wide array of scientific disciplines. Science Borealis aims to be a one-stop shop for the public, media, educators, and policy makers to source Canadian science.


APPLY NOW! If you are interested in this position, please email us at  volunteer@scienceborealis.ca. Please include your CV/resume or LinkedIn profile and a cover letter that convinces us that you’ve got what it takes!

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