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Turning science into stories: the craft of Ed Yong

By Robert Gooding-Townsend, Science in Society Co-editor Last October, at the height of the American presidential election, the internet was talking about nothing else. Well, almost. Amongst all the takes on Sanders and Clinton and Trump and Rubio and the future of America, one story rose to the top of The Atlantic’s website and stayed […]

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Planet Earth or Planet Plastic? It’s getting hard to tell…

By Catherine Lau, Biology/Life Sciences Co-Editor; Tanya Samman, Earth & Environmental Science Co-Editor; and Lené Gary, General Science Co-Editor Plastic is lightweight, flexible, durable, and relatively inexpensive to produce and buy. These qualities make it ubiquitous in everyday life. Although it certainly makes our lives easier, the fact that we can carelessly dispose of plastic without […]

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Volkswagen looks to leave the Dieselgate debacle in the dust

VWs over time

Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology and Engineering Editor  Earlier this year Volkswagen dealers in Canada and the US began selling retrofitted updates of select diesel car models that had been implicated in the company’s 2015 emissions scandal. There was a time when the word Volkswagen evoked images of playing punch-buggy on long family road trips, or brightly […]

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