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Volkswagen looks to leave the Dieselgate debacle in the dust

VWs over time

Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology and Engineering Editor  Earlier this year Volkswagen dealers in Canada and the US began selling retrofitted updates of select diesel car models that had been implicated in the company’s 2015 emissions scandal. There was a time when the word Volkswagen evoked images of playing punch-buggy on long family road trips, or brightly […]

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Bringing quantum mechanics to the Canadian public

By Lauren Borja, Physics and Astronomy Co-Editor In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, a traveling exhibit on quantum mechanics and technology is touring science centers and museums across the nation. QUANTUM: The Exhibition explains these concepts in an easy-to-understand and hands-on way. From Vancouver to Halifax—with stops in Calgary, Saskatoon, Kitchener, and Ottawa—people of all […]

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Chemistry CAN Change the World

Thoughts About the Closing Public Outreach Engagement Lecture of the 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition By Connie Tang, Chemistry Co-Editor   Each year, the Canadian Society of Chemistry holds the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, better known as the CSC conference.  This year’s edition, which ran from May 28 to June 1 in Toronto, […]

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6 ½ reasons why you should move into the forest for your health

By Lindsay Jolivet and Ainslie Butler, Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science Co-editors   Pack your belongings health conscious readers because the evidence is clear: it’s time to live #WithNature. The benefits of spending time in green spaces are well documented, and on June 5, Canada is hosting the United Nations’ World Environment Day with the […]

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