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Unconscious biases in the grant peer-review process

Nahomi Amberber, Policy & Politics co-editor On February 27, 2018, the Government of Canada released a budget that many in the scientific community described as a “win’ because it dramatically increased funding for fundamental research. For those following science policy in Canada, this decision was not surprising, because it had been years in the making. In […]

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If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

Photo by Ainslie Butler.

Ainslie Butler, Health, Medicine and Veterinary Sciences editor Is your cat a catnip user? Should you be worried about Princess Fuzzbottom’s drug use? What is catnip? It’s the common name of Nepeta cataria, a plant in the mint family that grows wild in many regions, including Canada. Domestic cats generally encounter dried catnip as a […]

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Un nouveau test sanguin pour détecter le cancer pourrait-il changer la donne au Canada?

blood cells

Ainslie Butler, éditrice Santé, Médecine et science vétérinaires Un récent rapport publié dans la revue Science présentait un nouveau test sanguin de dépistage du cancer, nommé CancerSEEK, lequel promet d’améliorer dramatiquement le taux de diagnostic cancéreux. Cet outil de dépistage, qu’on appelle une « biopsie liquide », a été développé à l’école de médecine de l’université Johns […]

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Move to Mars? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should…

Tanya Samman and Alina Fisher, Environmental and Earth Sciences co-editors Mars… it’s hot right now. But then, so is Earth—and it’s getting hotter thanks to human-induced climate change. Life on Earth is going to change drastically in the near future: melting ice sheets will cause sea level to rise, submerging coastal cities; food supplies will […]

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Tracking animals by what they leave behind

Raechel Bonomo, guest contributor, Nature Conservancy of Canada Wildlife tracking is one of the many fun nature activities you can take part in. One of my favourite pastimes is pointing out something to a friend or family member that they may have never noticed before, especially something left behind by species living in the area. […]

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