IPCC reports: between the street and the policy-makers

by Pascal Lapointe & Karine Morin Science Policy subject editors In September, the people’s climate march became New York City’s biggest political event in recent times. Why the need for a “people’s” march in the first place? Because of a feeling that something is wrong, not only in policy circles, but also in environmental circles […]

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Climate change and the northward spread of infectious diseases

by Hannah Hoag and Kasra Hassani Medicine and Veterinary Science subject editors What emerging infectious disease are you most worried about? You may think that here in Canada we’re far from the threat of infectious diseases that originate in warm southern climes, but climate change could bring that threat into our backyard. Last month, at […]

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Physics and astronomy hit the mainstream: Cosmos reboot

Cosmos: When knowledge conquered fear (Photo Credit: Cosmos photo gallery)

by Stephanne Taylor Physics & Astronomy subject editor Did you watch Cosmos on Sunday? The reboot of Carl Sagan’s 1980 classic hosted by Neil de Grasse Tyson has proven to be enormously popular, drawing millions of viewers every Sunday night. Last Sunday’s episode was the second to last, and the finale airs next week. The […]

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