Move to Mars? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should…

Tanya Samman and Alina Fisher, Environmental and Earth Sciences co-editors Mars… it’s hot right now. But then, so is Earth—and it’s getting hotter thanks to human-induced climate change. Life on Earth is going to change drastically in the near future: melting ice sheets will cause sea level to rise, submerging coastal cities; food supplies will […]

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The Martian: Putting the Science in Science Fiction

The Martian book

by Sri Ray-Chauduri Technology & Engineering subject editor There’s a good chance you’ve heard about the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster The Martian. But before you assume it’s just another high-profile science fiction story set in a distant future of intergalactic wars and alien species, consider this: prior its world premier at this year’s Toronto International Film […]

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Space Exploration (or, Engineering on a Budget)

by Sri Ray-Chauduri and Aadita Chaudhury Technology and Engineering subject editors Last week marked the 14th annual UN-declared World Space Week (WSW). Celebrated from October 4-10, it was started in 1981 by the World Space Association as “Spaceweek” to commemorate the moon landings. The dates of WSW were selected to coincide with the anniversary of […]

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