Election 42: Meanwhile on the non-niqab front…

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by Pascal Lapointe Policy and politics subject editor The Science Integrity Project. The environmental manifesto from Naomi Klein and other celebrities. The Science Pledge from Evidence for Democracy and their True North Smart & Free project (a repository of cases in which politics has trumped science). The Get Science Right town hall meetings. Then there […]

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Will there be a science-focused debate during the 2015 election campaign?

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by Pascal Lapointe and Josh Silberg Policy and politics subject editors In a Toronto Star opinion piece published on August 12, Katie Gibbs and Alana Westwood of Evidence for Democracy called for a national science debate between federal political leaders. Librarian John Dupuis echoed Evidence for Democracy’s sentiment in a recent blog post, and began […]

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Science journalism: the key to strong science literacy

by Pascal Lapointe, Policy & Politics editor Last month, Québecers learned that money talks when it comes to manipulating science information, whether you pay a public relations firm a high enough price, or if you buy advertising. At the same time, however, we’re cutting funding to science journalism. Perhaps these two should be reversed? TransCanada […]

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IPCC reports: between the street and the policy-makers

by Pascal Lapointe & Karine Morin Science Policy subject editors In September, the people’s climate march became New York City’s biggest political event in recent times. Why the need for a “people’s” march in the first place? Because of a feeling that something is wrong, not only in policy circles, but also in environmental circles […]

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