How well do you know your audience?

Public chemistry

by Susan Vickers Education, Communication, and Outreach subject editor As a chemist passionate about outreach, I’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to combat the public’s fear of chemicals, dubbed by chemists as “chemophobia.” It infuriates me when companies tout products as “chemical-free” (who wants to buy a vacuum?!), and am convinced that […]

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You’ve got mail! And everything else. What’s a science blogger to do?

by Kimberly Moynahan Science in Society subject editor Yup, those were the days. Dialing in. Enduring hours of busy signal. Waiting interminably for the connection. Peering hopefully at the little AOL mailbox, wishing…wishing … wishing for …yes! The red flag’s up! “You’ve got mail!” Okay, those weren’t really the days. The online world was frustratingly […]

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A new and improved Science Borealis: members, bylaws, and sponsorship

by Sarah Boon, Editorial Manager Last Thursday, February 26th, marked an important milestone for Science Borealis, as we held our first Members’ Meeting via conference call. You’ll recall back in November we announced our incorporation as a non-profit organization, and introduced you to our new Board of Directors. Along with non-profit status came a whole […]

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