Volkswagen looks to leave the Dieselgate debacle in the dust

VWs over time

Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology and Engineering Editor  Earlier this year Volkswagen dealers in Canada and the US began selling retrofitted updates of select diesel car models that had been implicated in the company’s 2015 emissions scandal. There was a time when the word Volkswagen evoked images of playing punch-buggy on long family road trips, or brightly […]

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It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s not even a dinosaur…it’s a pterosaur!

llustrations of 33 different pterosaur headcrests, showing the diversity of this group of reptiles.

 By Sri Ray-Chauduri and Kathi Unglert, Earth and Environmental Sciences Co-editors Dinosaurs always seem to excite people, whether it’s an actual discovery, like the tail vertebrae with feathers found this past December in Myanmar, or fictional stories, like Hollywood’s upcoming Jurassic World 2, rumoured to combine human and dinosaur DNA in the plot. But dinosaurs, which lived […]

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Move over knees and hips, ankle replacements are about to become the next big thing

By Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology & Engineering Co-editor The ability to replace worn out joints sometimes feels like the new normal in today’s world. Over 100,000 Canadians underwent surgery to replace deteriorating knees and hips in 2013–2014 and that number climbed to over 1 million in the United States. A 2015 study estimated that just over […]

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Meet the Editorial Team – Part 2

As promised last time, here is the rest of our Editorial Team! Sri Ray-Chauduri – Environmental & Earth Science Coeditor / Technology & Engineering Coeditor I got involved with Science Borealis after attending their official 2013 debut at the Canadian Science Policy Conference featuring a special panel on science blogging in Canada. I have degrees in Chemical […]

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Science Borealis Featured Blog: Musings of a Clumsy Palaeontologist

By Sri Ray-Chauduri and Kathi Unglert, Earth & Environmental Sciences Editors After our Science Borealis Reader Survey, we randomly selected four participating blogs to be profiled here on the Borealis Blog during 2016. This is the third of those featured posts.   Today we’re talking with Liz Martin-Silverstone, who runs one of our feature blogs, […]

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