2018 People’s Choice Awards for Favourite Canadian Science Site and Canadian Science Blog

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This year, Science Borealis was pleased once again to co-host the 2018 People’s Choice Award for Favourite Canadian Science Site and Canadian Science Blog with the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada. This year was even more exciting than last year, with many more votes counted.


The finalists for Favourite Canadian Science Site were:

Congratulations to the winner, Jackie Hildering, The Marine Detective.

Watch the Winner Announcement video and catch a glimpse of some of Jackie Hildering’s awe-inspiring work.

The finalists for Favourite Canadian Science Blog were:

Scientist Sees Squirrel – Stephen B. Heard

I’m an evolutionary ecologist and entomologist at the University of New Brunswick. Most of my current research has to do with plant–insect interactions and with the evolution of new biodiversity. But when I’m not doing research, I think about a lot of quasi-random things. I blog about some of them here.


Canadian Mountain Network logoCanadian Mountain Network – Various authors; Twitter: @CanMountainNet

CMN was established to collaboratively address the diverse challenges facing mountain regions by harnessing existing capacities and seeking new research relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers and communities. Our aim is for CMN to become a national and global leader in inclusive, co-designed, interdisciplinary mountain-research that recognizes the interconnectedness in mountain systems between the environment, economy, and society, and encourages an integrated approach for long-term sustainability that serves the needs of mountain communities. CMN and its administrative centre is hosted at the University of Alberta.


Agile Scientific logoAgile Scientific – Matt Hall, Evan Bianco, Diego Castañeda, Robert Leckenby, Kara Turner, Tracey Lothian; Twitter: @agilegeo

A bioscience and technology blog with a string focus on geophysics and geosciences, Agile also organizes hackathons, teaches coding for geoscientists and engineers, and promotes open discussion about pressing topics in science and industry.


Congratulations to the winner, Stephen Heard, of Scientist Sees Squirrel.

Stephen wrote a blog post about the contest, and will be featured in an upcoming post on the Science Borealis blog.

Many thanks to all who participated and who shared their favourite blogs and science sites via social media. We’re looking forward to next year’s competition.


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