It’s complicated, honey: Bees vs… bees

Kevin Van Tighem, Nature Conservancy of Canada Spring draws nigh: the season of the birds and the bees. Birdsong is a welcome gift, but where would we be without bees? Their obsessive quest for pollen and nectar keeps much of Alberta’s native flora alive. There would be fewer willows, flowers and garden crops without pollinator insects […]

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If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

Photo by Ainslie Butler.

Ainslie Butler, Health, Medicine and Veterinary Sciences editor Is your cat a catnip user? Should you be worried about Princess Fuzzbottom’s drug use? What is catnip? It’s the common name of Nepeta cataria, a plant in the mint family that grows wild in many regions, including Canada. Domestic cats generally encounter dried catnip as a […]

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La science se cachant derrière le sirop d’érable

M. Rehemtulla - CC BY-SA 3.0

Par Chantal Mustoe, co-éditrice Chimie Février tire à sa fin et partout au pays, les érables seront bientôt entaillés afin de recueillir leur sève sucrée. Étape 1 : Percer un petit trou. Étape 2 : Insérer un chalumeau. Étape 3 : Enfoncer légèrement le chalumeau à l’aide d’un marteau. Étape 4 : Suspendre une chaudière sur le chalumeau et […]

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