The Boreal Forest, Antarctica and Geophysics, Oh My!

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Sarah Boon and Sri Ray-Chauduri, Environmental & Earth Sciences co-editors

Boreal Forest

Boreal forest, northern Alberta (CC BY-SA).

Unlike a few of the other Science Borealis subject categories – like last week’s Multimedia – the Environmental and Earth Science subject is bursting with great blogs.

From Alan Shapiro’s Mostly Harmless Science to the Saskatchewan Research Councils’ From the Lab to the Loading Dock, with a bit of biology thrown in by Chris Buddle’s Expiscor hosted at, and Simon Goring’s downwithtime, there’s always something to pique your interest in this group. If you’re looking for French-language blogs on the subject, look no further than Harvey Mead’s Réflexions sur les enjeux du développement, about international development and Jeremy Bouchez’s Sciencesenviro.

Highlights from the past month include:

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Victoria Glacier, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (photo by D Saul, public domain)

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