Canadian Science and Art Mix It Up in the Annual #SciArt Tweet Storm

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By Liz Martin-Silverstone, Multimedia Editor & Outreach Team

If you have been watching the Science Borealis Twitter stream for the last few days you may have wondered what this #SciArt tweet storm was all about.

The group over at Scientific American’s Symbiartic  started the #SciArt tweet storm last year, in hopes of connecting scientific artists with each other, the public and potential clients. The effort was successful, resulting in nearly 29000 tweets of #SciArt in just one week.

This year has also been extremely successful in showing off a variety of different media. Artists have showcased everything from technical scientific illustration and cartoons to fashion-forward dresses featuring Fibonacci sequences. It’s been a dazzling display of chemistry, nature, palaeontology, astronomy, cellular biology and much more.

One thing I loved about it is that I was able to connect with a number of fantastic Canadian sciartists.  If you want to follow or check out some of these artists, I’ve made a Twitter List of them.

There are far too many great examples to post here, but below are some of my favourite pieces from the talented Canadian #SciArt posts this week:

Finally, this one’s not Canadian, but I couldn’t resist.  The cartoon sums up how science and art feed each other. #SciArt is just one example of how they work together and is a fantastic way to communicate scientific ideas and draw people in.

Now get out there and support our local scientific artists!

*Header image credit: @symbiartic #sciart

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