Chenoa van den Boogaard

Chenoa van den Boogaard, Physics & Astronomy editor

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Chenoa van den Boogaard has a B.Sc. from the University of British Columbia, majoring in astronomy and minoring in English literature.

She has previously worked as an engineering physics teaching assistant and as a UBC research intern. It was near the end of her undergrad degree that she decided to combine her scientific background with her love for writing to pursue a career in science communications. Chenoa is passionate about making science accessible to the general public by bridging the information gap between the science community and the rest of the world.

She started writing about physics and astronomy for Science Borealis in March 2020. Although astronomy remains her favourite topic, she also loves to explore the science of our home planet, especially if her research involves getting outside and exploring the natural world firsthand.

When she’s not writing or talking about science, Chenoa can usually be found in a pottery studio, playing soccer, or trying out a new board game.

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3 thoughts on “Chenoa van den Boogaard, Physics & Astronomy editor

  1. Send me a list of what i need to build a time machine how to build it how it operates so i can go back in time

  2. Hey folks of Science Borealis, seems to me that you are being spammed by bots.
    You might want to implement captchas for comments and also manually moderate them.
    It’s sad to see good content be stained by comments such as the one above this one.

    • Thanks Alejandro! The comment above has been removed. We do review comments once a week, though it is looking like we might either need to do this more frequently, or put some other measures in place…

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