Joanie Tian, Chemistry editor

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Joanie Tian_Chem-ed

Joanie Tian started writing on Science Borealis’s Chemistry beat early in 2020.

Joanie, a B.Sc. candidate studying biomedical science, became a Science Borealis Chemistry editor early in 2020.

She spends her spare time volunteering, writing, or volunteering to write for different non-profit organizations. This includes work supporting those with developmental disabilities, environmental sustainability work, and being a chemistry subject editor for Science Borealis. Outside of that, you can find her painting miniatures for tabletop games, reading, debugging her poorly written code, or experimenting in the kitchen.

Joanie T test tube lab work

Experiments requiring test tubes are always great!

Her biggest aspiration is to become something of a Renaissance man and learn a diverse array of skills. She spent most of her childhood reading and writing fictional stories and sometimes fiddling with a toy microscope, examining her hair and nails under its weak magnification. She went on to spend many of her teenage years trying to paint what she couldn’t put into words and pursuing other artistic endeavors. Somewhere in the time between her learning how to shape glass when creating sculptures and how to chemically develop film, she discovered an interest in science.

Now, she tries to help spark scientific interest in those without scientific backgrounds to pay forward what others had done for her.

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