Mary Anne Schoenhardt, Science in Society editor

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Mary Anne grew up near Toronto, Ontario, and spent her summers exploring parks and lakes across the province; this instilled in her a wonder for the natural world and a desire to learn more about it. This love for learning led Mary Anne to the Integrated Science program at McMaster University, where she was first introduced to science communication. With experience volunteering as a tutor, a science fair judge and working in outdoor education, science communication allowed Mary Anne to share her love for learning and inspire others to explore the world around them.

Mary Anne has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science from McMaster University and is currently completing a Master’s program in Environmental Studies at Queen’s University. When not at school, she loves exploring the land around her, whether that be by foot, bike, skis, or canoe!

Mary Anne joined the Borealis Blog editorial team as an editor of our Science in Society beat in early 2021. Read her posts on the blog here>


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