Meet the Science Borealis Leadership Team

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This week, as part of our ongoing First Anniversary celebration, we’d like you to meet our Leadership Team, which runs the day-to-day operations of Science Borealis.

While each team member has specific duties, everyone pitches in as needed – planning special events, authoring or editing documents, monitoring the feed, replying to emails, attending outreach events, and planning and strategizing.

In terms of specific roles, some of these folks do double-duty as topic editors and you’ve already met them through our Meet the Editors posts, here and here.

Others are working hard behind the scenes to keep Science Borealis running smoothly. We’ll begin with them.

Mike Spear

Mike represents our sponsor, Genome Alberta, on the Science Borealis Leadership Team. He is instrumental in managing our sponsor and partner relationships as well as our media outreach.

Mike is Director of Communications for Genome Alberta. He has been a featured speaker and panelist at science media and government media workshops and conferences across Canada and the U.S. In his previous life he was an award-winner Producer and Program Manager for CBC where he worked in current affairs, drama and music.

He lives on a small ranch northwest of Calgary and has used his menagerie as the subject for his freelance writing activities. Mike blogs under Mikenomics on the Genome Alberta “Genomics Blog” and can be found on Twitter: @mikesgene

Jenny Ryan

Jenny represents Science Borealis sponsor, Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), and serves as Team Manager and cat-herder, coordinating and running our meetings, tracking action items, and serving as a business manager. She is also instrumental in our marketing, advertising and outreach efforts.

Jenny is the Manager of Communication at CSP, working with authors and other members of the scientific community to increase public awareness of research. Jenny also writes and/or coordinates the CSP Blog.

A graduate of Ryerson’s Publishing program, she also holds a BA from Carleton and has 15+ years of experience in publishing, writing and communication. Twitter: @JRyanCSP

Mary Seligy

Mary Seligy also represents Canadian Science Publishing on the Leadership Team as our Technical Team manager, overseeing the development and support of our website and syndicated feed. Mary also spearheaded our incorporation process.

She is the IT Business Analyst at CSP, where she works closely with groups to implement technical projects related to scientific publishing and science communication. Mary has worked previously as a molecular genetics research technician, computer science teacher, professional writer and illustrator, and scientific manuscript editor in the life sciences. Twitter: @seamerry

Theresa Liao

Theresa juggles several roles on the Science Borealis Leadership team. On the technical side, she handles the syndication process for our feed and looks after our image rotator. She also serves on the Outreach Team, managing our Facebook page and occasionally Tweeting on our behalf.

Theresa is the Communications Coordinator for the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia. There she edits research grants, plans science conferences and public events, covers research stories, chases physics summer camp kids, and manages the department’s website and social media channels. She received the UBC Faculty of Science Service Award in 2012.

Theresa blogs on science outreach, communications, and women in science at Science, I Choose You. Previously Theresa studied biochemistry and did research on Type 1 Diabetes for her Master’s degree. Twitter: @theresaliao

Steph Taylor

Steph has served as our Physics & Astronomy Editor and on our Outreach Team, helping to manage our Twitter feed and review syndication requests. Steph also handles some of the business aspects of Science Borealis.

Steph will be stepping back from her daily activity at Science Borealis while she finishes her PhD in physical oceanography at McGill University. But she will continue to contribute as an editor, and to support and contribute to the Leadership Team and the future development of Science Borealis.

Steph blogs at Eight Crayon Science and can be found on Twitter: @8crayonscience

Sarah Boon

Sarah also wears many hats for Science Borealis. She serves as Editorial Manager, wrangling our 17 (plus or minus) subject editors, managing the editorial calendar, working with guest bloggers, and developing blog partnerships. She also serves as our Earth & Environmental Sciences editor.

Sarah is active on our Twitter account, promoting our editorial blog posts and engaging in regular discussions with the online science community.

Sarah is currently a freelance science writer and editor, and blogs at Watershed Moments. Find her on Twitter at @snowhydro.

Kimberly Moynahan

Along with her duties as Science in Society Editor and Outreach Team member, Kim serves as a behind-the-scenes organizer for the Science Borealis Leadership Team. To ensure that no balls get dropped, Kim provides structure to manage shared documents and folders, email, Twitter, and the various duties for each team role.

Kim is active on the Science Borealis Twitter account and is the voice behind #fromthefeed, our (almost) weekly Saturday morning Tweet-out of recent blog posts from our syndicated members.

Kimberly writes on the natural sciences, environment, and human and animal relationships at her blog, Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Find her on Twitter at @Kim_Moynahan.

Support Roles
We also have two people who have generously volunteered to work on specific initiatives for us.

Elisabeth Kosters

Elisabeth provides us with funding application support, a job that will surely grow in importance now that Science Borealis is incorporated and ready to do business with partners, sponsors, and funding organizations.

Elisabeth is a sedimentary geologist with 30+ years of experience in government and academia and as an independent in research, teaching and research management. She conducts field seminars and is active in technical and learned societies. She has served on National and International Scientific Review panels and on National Advisory Councils and now serves on the board of a paleontological UNESCO World Heritage site.

Elisabeth is particularly interested in the interface between science and society and maintains a blog at Earth Science Society. She can be found on Twitter @EC_Kosters

Janet Sandor

Janet is our Business Plan Guru. She has spent the last six months patiently walking us through the development of our business plan. Her guidance has helped us clarify our objectives with a focus on our immediate and long-term goals.

Janet is a bilingual communications professional who develops communications and fundraising strategies for the corporate, education, non-profit, government, and cultural sectors. She works in all areas of communications from media and stakeholder relations, conference and event planning to program evaluation.

Janet can be found on her website and on Twitter @jfsandor.

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