Meet the Science Borealis Outreach Team

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When we first started Science Borealis back in 2013, we had a small core team that did pretty much everything. In the past three years, however, we’ve evolved to include a dedicated Outreach Team! They manage our everyday interactions on Facebook and Twitter. They’re also the people who bring you the fabulous moon-thly newsletter, and are the driving force behind our 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication (#scicom100) project. They also run our RedBubble store (get your mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, and more here!).


Kai Hutchence

I’m the Outreach Manager, as somebody has to help herd the cats around here. In my entrepreneurial endeavors I’ve been a web developer, restaurateur, and game developer. Being confident with a computer and camera has given me a lot of science communication opportunities and I’ve helped get the word out for a variety of local science organizations including the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX) at Western University, the local Royal Astronomical Society of Canada centre, and Partners in Research. My science communication efforts generally focus on space or ethnobotany, not topics that frequently mix, but you can bet I know how to grow potatoes! Find me on Twitter at @kh_concepts.


Tyler Irving


Tyler Irving bonds with chemicals.


I’m an award-winning science writer based in Toronto. I have a background in chemical engineering and have taught high school science in both Canada and the UK. My favourite topics include extinct animals and the chemistry of everyday life. In my spare time, I’m known to play the Great Highland Bagpipe. Find me on Twitter at @tylereirving.


Liz Martin-Silverstone

Liz Martin-Silverstone really digs fossils.

Liz Martin-Silverstone really digs fossils!


I’m a PhD student in palaeontology at the University of Southampton in the UK. When I’m not doing my research, I’m an active scicomm-er, making podcasts for Palaeocast, and blogging at my own blog ‘Musings of a Clumsy Palaeontologist’ or as co-editor of Multimedia here at Science Borealis. I really like alternative scicomm such as music, podcasts, and sciart and try to share these (and fossils) as much as I can! Find me on Twitter at @gimpasaura.


Peggy Muddles



Peggy Muddles dishes out doodles as The Vexed Muddler.


I’m a technician in a molecular biology lab by day, and a science artist by night. I enjoy long incubation periods, whipping graduate students into shape, and doodling bacteria. I can usually be found hanging around Twitter (@vexedmuddler) where I post about #sciart, cats, and disgusting bodily functions.


Raymond Nakamura

Raymond can be found in the most unexpected places.

Raymond Nakamura can be found in the most unexpected places.


When I’m not walking the dog, washing the dishes, or dealing with my daughter’s homework, I rent my brain as a writer, cartoonist, and developer of museum programs and exhibits. Sometime after the invention of personal computers but before the Internet, I received my doctorate in zoology from the University of Toronto on the hydrodynamics of sand dollars. I have been marginally involved with Science Borealis since its inception, and now co-edit the Multimedia category. Also I draw cartoons for the website and newsletter. Find me on Twitter at @raymondsbrain.


Jesse Rogerson

I’m an astronomer and educator originally from Toronto, now living in Calgary. During graduate school I studied quasars and the environment galaxies live in, as well as enjoyed podcasting/blogging about mostly astronomy related topics. For fun, I play ultimate frisbee, beach volley ball, and read. Find me on Twitter at @jesserogerson.


Kathi Unglert


Volcanoes everywhere! Kathi at the top of Mount St. Helens, enjoying the view of Mt. Rainier.


I’m a German geoscientist with a PhD in volcanology from the University of British Columbia. Having lived in New Zealand, Canada, the US, and now the UK, I feel like a true citizen of the world! When I’m not travelling or thinking about volcanoes and earthquakes, I love learning about other interesting science, blogging, or running activities with school children. If I need a break from science-ing you can find me trying out new recipes at home, practising yoga, enjoying the outdoors, or reading books. Scandinavian crime novels are my favourite! Find me on Twitter at @volcanokathi.

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