Converging art and science: An interview with Cristian Zaelzer-Perez

Photo Credit: Joshua Wyrosdic

Cat Lau, guest contributor Since moving to Montreal, I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people involved in the field of science communication and sciart. One such person is Dr. Cristian Zaelzer-Perez, the founder of the Convergence Initiative, a non-profit that aims to advance knowledge in both neuroscience and art through interdisciplinary […]

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Voices for Canadian #Scicomm100 – Weekly Recap: Sep. 26 -30, 2016

We just wrapped up Week 4 of our “Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication” campaign. We’re very pleased with how well this initiative has had a meteoric rise across Twitter via the #scicomm100 hashtag and from our Facebook page. In fact, we’ve had a few people asking if they can get these quotes and […]

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