Science and the Canadian election: a resource list

charter of rights

compiled by Steph Taylor & Sarah Boon Science Borealis editorial team members With the October 19th election getting closer, we’ve compiled key events, resources, and reading material about science and technology on the campaign trail. As always – if there’s anything you think we’ve missed, please add it in the comments! Before we start: make […]

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Science Policy and Blogging: Mixing it up at CSPC 2015

Compass rose

Lisa Willemse, Science Borealis Board Member “Oh, the East is East and the West is West and never the twain shall meet.” Though this line from Rudyard Kipling’s 1889 Ballad of East and West is often used to describe differences, the poem—a commentary on race and colonialism—is actually much more positive, closing with these lines: “But […]

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Will there be a science-focused debate during the 2015 election campaign?

political leaders

Pascal Lapointe and Josh Silberg, Policy & Politics co-editors In a Toronto Star opinion piece published on August 12, Katie Gibbs and Alana Westwood of Evidence for Democracy called for a national science debate between federal political leaders. Librarian John Dupuis echoed Evidence for Democracy’s sentiment in a recent blog post, and began brainstorming potential science-related […]

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Muzzled Open Access

open access muzzle

Josh Silberg and Pascal Lapointe, Policy & Politics co-editors When federal scientists asked Ottawa to enshrine scientific integrity in their upcoming collective agreement, the mainstream media began to take notice (again). The muzzling of federal scientists has been discussed for years in several venues, including an investigative report by CBC’s The Fifth Estate and a 2012 […]

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CSPC2014: Policy Makers Should Listen to Policy Experts and Scientists

Karine Morin, Science Policy co-editor   Last week marked the sixth Canadian Science Policy Conference, and the fifth I’ve attended. Some topics seem to recur annually: entrepreneurship, the importance and challenges of research collaborations, and big data. However, each meeting also reveals something unexpected. This year’s unexpected aspect was a session focused on Canada’s defense procurement […]

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