The changing landscape of permafrost data

By Nick Brown, new science communicator As permafrost research heats up, national and territorial geological surveys are digging up old data to help answer new questions about Canada’s cold regions. The need for permafrost data in Canada Permafrost – ground that is colder than 0°C for at least two years – is changing as Earth’s […]

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Data-sharing in the time of COVID-19

Coronavirus eye - data by Matrix cc0 via pixabay

Katie Compton, Policy and Politics editor As the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives, we’ve all become health-data seekers. Each day, we scan our newsfeeds for information about whether we’re flattening the curve, wonder what the #NewNormal will look like, and search hopefully for any news about treatments or vaccines. Answering the questions foremost on […]

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