The Chinese Postman and the Trick-or-Treater – Blog

Hallowe’en is just around the corner, but there’s still time to plan out your ideal trick-or-treating route! Check out this great 2017 blog post by Malgosia Ip on how a mathematical approach to your Hallowe’en route can maximize your candy-gathering potential and minimize sore feet! By Malgosia Ip, Mathematics & Statistics editor In just over […]

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Making big ideas happen

SWCC People’s Choice Award Winner – Canada’s Favourite Science Site: Let’s Talk Science Malgosia Ip, for SWCC Amy Cook was a graduate student at Western University when she and her colleague Mira Ray started a small not-for-profit organization called CRAM Science. They were both passionate about science outreach, but found that outreach activities typically missed […]

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A mathematical picture of the genome


Malgosia Ip, Mathematics & Statistics editor Meet the Philippine tarsier: a tiny primate with giant eyes that’s native to the Philippine archipelago. Despite its small size, this little fella has been the subject of controversy for over a century – is it more closely related to the lemur (a so-called “wet-nosed” primate) or to apes […]

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Fold it right there: The mathematical art of paper folding

The 2007 CSAIL puzzle created by Erik and Martin Demaine. Reproduced with permission.

Malgosia Ip, Mathematics & Statistics editor “I really don’t think it’s possible,” I say again, unfolding the rumpled sheet of paper. I have been trying to solve one of Erik Demaine’s folding puzzles for a few hours now. Some of the creases have been folded so many times that the paper is starting to tear. […]

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