The themes of nature: Exploring repeating patterns in the natural world

Chenoa van den Boogaard, Physics & Astronomy editor The world is a bustling place, naturally chaotic and unpredictable, yet a balance is found in the regularity of nature’s cycles and patterns. The rise and fall of the sun and moon, the passing of the seasons, and the arrival of each hour in the day keep […]

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Fold it right there: The mathematical art of paper folding

The 2007 CSAIL puzzle created by Erik and Martin Demaine. Reproduced with permission. 

Malgosia Ip, Mathematics & Statistics editor “I really don’t think it’s possible,” I say again, unfolding the rumpled sheet of paper. I have been trying to solve one of Erik Demaine’s folding puzzles for a few hours now. Some of the creases have been folded so many times that the paper is starting to tear. […]

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“Lies, damn lies, and statistics” (and math)

by Robert Aboukhalil Math & Statistics subject editor Statistics haven’t had it easy ever since Mark Twain’s famous “lies, damned lies and statistics.” But as mathematician Frederick Mosteller would have replied, “while it is easy to lie with statistics, it is even easier to lie without them.” On that note, enjoy my three picks for […]

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