Good ingredients for assistive technology

By Naeema Bhyat, Technology & Engineering editor Christian Bagg was looking to get back into mountain biking years after a snowboarding injury to his spinal cord prevented him from using a conventional bike. He developed a rugged, stable, three-wheeled, hand-powered bike. In the process, he founded Bowhead, a Calgary-based company that makes adaptive mountain bikes. […]

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Have you met your digital twin?

By Naeema Bhyat, Technology & Engineering editor Someday soon, your city, your house, your planet and even you could have a digital twin. Digital twins are virtual models that exist alongside one or more physical objects, systems or processes. IBM describes them as “a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, […]

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How we predict and manage fire – and why it matters

A coniferous forest shrouded in smoke

By Naeema Bhyat, guest contributor With Canada’s wide expanses of forest, grasslands and shrublands, wildfires have always been part of our landscape. But as more Canadians experience eerie, smoky skies and a dull orange sun, these fires loom larger in the public’s imagination. Events like the 2016 wildfire that tore through Fort McMurray, Alberta and […]

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