Balancing conservation and tourism in Alberta’s national and provincial parks

Image by JD Hascup, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Emily Olson, Communications, Outreach, and Education editor   Canada is known for its vast, pristine wilderness, which are a source of pride for many Canadians. Connecting with nature and enjoying the wilderness draws many people to the country’s parks. Visitors flock to places like Banff National Park or Kananaskis Country to hike, glimpse wildlife, camp, and take […]

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Faune en dépérissement: Est-ce que les ambitions de conservation de l’objectif 1 du Canada protègent efficacement notre biodiversité unique?

Alina C. Fisher et Tanya Samman, Co-éditrices, Environnement et sciences de la terre Que vous vient-il à l’esprit lorsque vous pensez aux parcs canadiens ? De vastes espaces de nature sauvage ? Un endroit où faire de la randonnée ou du camping ? Le mandat de Parcs Canada est de s’assurer que des aires naturelles soient disponibles à […]

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Withering wildlife: Will Canada Target 1 conservation goals effectively protect our unique biodiversity?

Alina C. Fisher and Tanya Samman, Environmental & Earth Sciences co-editors What comes to mind when you think of Canada’s parks? Vast tracts of wilderness? A place to hike or camp? The mandate of Parks Canada is to ensure natural areas for both ecological integrity and human enjoyment. But human enjoyment may not be as […]

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The elusive wolverine: Beyond the X-Men character


Alina C. Fisher, Environmental and Earth Science co-editor When you think of a wolverine, do you think of an elusive, almost mythical creature with superpowers, or do you think of the comic book character? Most people have heard of the X-Men, either through the movies or the comic book series, but few people know about […]

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