How we remember: The intriguing case of HM

Laszlo Seress CC BY SA

Robert Gooding-Townsend, Science in Society co-editor HM is not, as you might think, a clothing store. He is instead one of the most celebrated patients in neuroscience – a key case study in our understanding of how the brain encodes memory. However, the lessons his case can teach us about memory extend far beyond the […]

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Mind over matter: using meditation and mindfulness to combat stress

Catherine Lau, Biology and Life Sciences Co-editor Take a deep breath, clear your mind and be aware of your breathing. These instructions, while seemingly simple, are often easier said than done. Yet with practice, this mental exercise derived from meditation and mindfulness can improve cognitive function and overall wellbeing. While they are rooted in Buddhist […]

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Enjoying the Great Outdoors—A Win for Planet Earth and for Us, Too

By Joelle Thorpe and Catherine Lau, Biology & Life Sciences Editors   Would you believe us if we told you that some doctors prescribe “time outside” to their patients? This Earth Day, do our planet—and yourself—a favour, and spend some time in the great outdoors.    Spring has finally sprung!  With the longer days and […]

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