Hitting the snooze button: is it time to let teens start school later in the day?

A notebook and an alarm clock surrounded by white numbers on a colourful background.

By Katie Compton, Policy & Politics editor Research has confirmed something that parents and teens have known for a long time: teenagers stay up later and sleep in longer than other age groups. This sleeping pattern isn’t an act of rebellion or a sign of laziness – it’s rooted in teens’ natural circadian rhythm. Forcing […]

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Let’s make school vaccination rates public

by Hannah Hoag & Kasra Hassani Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science subject editors After questioning more than 1,500 Canadians on their attitudes and actions toward childhood vaccination, the Angus Reid Institute published a report in February concluding that Canadians strongly support vaccination. The majority even said vaccines should be mandatory for children to attend daycare […]

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