If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

Photo by Ainslie Butler.

Ainslie Butler, Health, Medicine & Veterinary Sciences editor   Is your cat a catnip user? Should you be worried about Princess Fuzzbottom’s drug use? What is catnip? It’s the common name of Nepeta cataria, a plant in the mint family that grows wild in many regions, including Canada. Domestic cats generally encounter dried catnip as […]

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Science Borealis Featured Blog: Companion Animal Psychology

Lindsay Jolivet, Health, Medicine & Veterinary Science editor After our Science Borealis Reader Survey, we randomly selected four participating blogs to be profiled here on the Borealis Blog during 2016. This is first of those featured posts. Companion Animal Psychology Blogger Zazie Todd combines a PhD in psychology with a deep love of animals to […]

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