Tarryn Bourhill, Communication, Education & Outreach editor

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Tarryn, one of Science Borealis’s Communications, Education & Outreach editors, joined the team in 2019.

Hi, I’m Tarryn.

I am a molecular biologist by day and a science communicator by night. I have always been interested in using viruses to treat disease. This is counter-intuitive for most people because everyone thinks of viruses as the bad guys that make us sick. For me, I love the idea that they can be used for the forces of good.

During my Masters, I built a new virus that was designed to treat Hepatitis C. Once I finished that project, I was intrigued by the research on naturally occurring viruses that could be used to treat cancer. I decided to follow my passion across the world and moved from South Africa to Canada where I started a PhD. Now I spend my time trying to figure out why a certain virus can kill some cancer cells and not others.

What I really want to do is step away from the bench and spend more time teaching people about science. I believe scientists have a responsibility to help the public understand their discoveries in a way that is easy to understand. This is what has driven my passion for reading and writing about the field. I love transforming complicated ideas into approachable and engaging conversations. Science should be accessible to everyone and I’m here to help with that! Once I finish my PhD, I want to transition into a career as a science writer.

In my spare time, I’m a keen baker and a photography enthusiast.


Tarryn joined Science Borealis as a Communication, Education & Outreach editor in 2019. Read her posts>

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