Voices for Canadian #Scicomm100 – 97…98…99…100!

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We did it! 100 voices for scicomm in 50 days!

We’ve had such a great time working with our contributors and artists who made this possible and we’re delighted with the enthusiasm our readers and followers have brought to the initiative.

Tomorrow we’re going to present some of the highlights of the 100 voices campaign. But today we’d like to present the last set of voices and images in case you missed them.

As you might recall, we kicked things off 50 days ago with Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield talking about the impact of science communications on humanity.


So we thought it fitting that we finish our campaign with someone who spends his days bringing science to the children who represent our future.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this campaign as much as we have. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support.


Colette Derworiz image by The Vexed Muddler


Theresa Liao image by The Vexed Muddler


Julia Baum image by The Vexed Muddler


Malcolm Campbell image by The Vexed Muddler


Elizabeth Martin-Silverstone image by Raymond Nakamura


Livio Tornabene image by The Vexed Muddler


Katharine Hayhoe image by The Vexed Muddler


Victoria Arbour image by The Vexed Muddler


Paula Murray image by Hannah Brazeau

Paula Murray image by Hannah Brazeau


Kiron Mukherjee image by Raymond Nakamura

Kiron Mukherjee image by Raymond Nakamura



See the full collection in our Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication Gallery.

Meet this week’s artists:  Raymond Nakamura,  The Vexed Muddler, and Hannah Brazeau.

And don’t forget, many of our #scicomm100 images are available on mugs, stickers and as framed art on our Red Bubble store.

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