We’re Live! Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication

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Chris Hadfield

Image credit: Jen Burgess

Today Science Borealis launches Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication! On Twitter and through Facebook we will be promoting a rich and varied conversation about science communication in Canada.

Over the next 50 days, you can find out what 100 scientists, journalists, policy makers, communications specialists, government leaders, and artists think about the importance and goals of science communication in our nation. Their thoughts are captured in short, pithy statements enhanced by witty illustrations.

Find these science communication gems by following Science Borealis and #scicomm100 on Twitter and by liking us on Facebook. As well, catch our Borealis Blog every Friday for a recap of the week’s voices and see the full collection as it grows on our #scicomm100 page.

Chantal Barriault

Image credit: Raymond Nakamura

We invite you to join conversation, add your thoughts, and help promote our speakers and the dedicated artists who illustrated our 100 Voices.

For those of you who are bilingual scicomm junkies, our colleagues at Agence Science-Presse ran #100LaScience, a complementary effort focusing on French-language communicators. You can see their whole collection here: 100 personnalités pour le journalisme scientifique.

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