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VOTE! 2019 People’s Choice Awards: Canada’s Favourite Science Online

Science Borealis and our co-sponsor the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada (SWCC) are excited to present the nominees for the 2019 People’s Choice Awards: Canada’s Favourite Science Online!

This year you are invited to vote for your 3 favourites in 2 categories – Favourite Science Blog and Favourite Science Site. The winners of each category will get snazzy site badges, endless bragging rights, and will be featured in full write-ups on both our blog and SWCC’s site.

Once you’ve voted, join us on social media to cheer for your favourite blogs and sites using the hashtag #CdnSciFav.

Take a look at the contenders for BOTH categories and then VOTE!

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And hurry! Voting closes Friday, September 27th!


The 2019 contenders for the Favourite Science Blog


Code For Canada Blog

12 people in code for canada jackets with their backs to the camera, looking down an alleyway

“…great perspectives on how emerging technologies can be translated to governance and the growth of cities in Canada. A much-needed translational blog!” — Blog nominator

Code for Canada is a national nonprofit that connects government innovators with the tech and design community. Their programs enable governments to deliver better digital public services and empower communities to solve civic challenges using tech and design. The Code For Canada Blog gives readers a window into what they do and how they do it.


Ingenium – The Channel – Blog

“This fun blog gives readers news and views on science, tech, and innovation from the science staff of the Ingenium’s museums” — Blog submitter

From astronomy to artifacts and everything in between, Ingenium staff and guest writers explore an array of science topics and provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into Ingenium’s three museums – the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum.


Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science & Technology (WWEST) Blog


“While focused on the west coast, this blog is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to keep up with Women in STEM issues, activities, and opportunities.” — Blog submitter

Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WWEST) is the operating name for the 2015-2020 NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE), BC and Yukon Region. The WWEST Blog highlights stories, events, and women in STEM in order to increase the awareness and participation of women and other under-represented groups in STEM fields of study and careers.




the hotpoprobot team!

“I love the enthusiasm behind this family blog and enterprise. I think we need more young people’s voices in science and technology. This blog delivers that!” — Blog submitter

This blog features the many activities of HotPopRobot! — a maker-family enterprise co-founded in 2014 by Artash (12 years), Arushi (9 years), Rati and Vikas to bring discussions on Science, Space Exploration, Astronomy, and Technology in our everyday conversation. They encourage families, kids and youths to become creators (and not consumers), by undertaking projects on space, robotics, coding, and science.


My Little Green Foot

“This engaging blog covers the gamut — from ecology and climate science to life in academia and the challenges faced by POC in STEM. My favourite pieces are Micheline’s interviews with Women in STEM” — Blog submitter

On the pages of My Little Green Foot, scientist, Micheline Khan promotes dialogue around science, conservation and the dedicated and incredible scientists and researchers working in the field. MyLGF also incorporates a collection of information, and insights on the various ways People Of Colour (POC) working in STEM navigate the landscapes in which they study, work, innovate, and create change.


The 2019 contenders for Canada’s Favourite Science Site


The Conversation


The Conversation is an independent source of fact-based information. The site’s news and analysis include the arts, business, the economy, culture, society, education, the environment, energy, health, medicine, politics, science, and technology. The articles are written by academic experts and experienced journalists. Dedicated to the free flow of information, the site is bilingual, and free to read, download, and republish.


La Conversation

LogoLa Conversation est un média en ligne d’information et d’analyse de l’actualité indépendant, qui publie des articles grand public écrits par les chercheurs et les universitaires. Notre équipe de journalistes expérimentés travaille en collaboration avec les universités et les instituts de recherche afin de diffuser leur savoir vers le plus grand nombre.


The Fear of Science Podcast

Site banner

Who says science can’t be funny? This podcast brings together experts and comedians for unfiltered discussions about complicated and sometimes controversial science fears. What is your deepest fear? Spiders? Clowns? Gluten? Even if you don’t conquer your fears, you might get a laugh.


Sarah Hewitt, Adventure Scientist

Sarah Hewett standing on a glacier

Sarah is just as happy searching for wood frogs in Alberta as she is chasing spider monkeys in Belize, or studying the health of sacred forests in Ethiopia. How does she get to do all of that fun stuff? Sarah says she just looks for cool people, doing cool things in cool places. This adventure scientist is a published writer, a photographer, and a neuroscience and physiology professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Wonder what she does in her spare time.


Minding the Brain Podcast

Jim Davies and Kim Hellemans sitting on the floor in front of a cement wall with their podcast logo stencilled on the wall.

Are you a morning person or a night person? Does social media affect your brain? Does multi-tasking make you more or less efficient? Find out by listening to informative and entertaining podcasts by Jim Davies and Kim Hellemans. Jim, a cognitive scientist, is the Director of the Science of Imagination Lab at Carlton University, and Kim is an award-winning instructor, passionate about university teaching.

Quantum to Cosmos: An Interactive Scale of the Universe


The ultimate road trip – a journey through the universe! Zoom out from the subatomic scale to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Stop along the way to discover images, interactions, and cool facts. Award-winning multimedia from the Perimeter Institute.


Now vote for your favourite Canadian Science Blogs and Science Sites!

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And hurry! Voting closes Friday, September 27th!


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