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Participating in clinical trials contributes to scientific breakthroughs

By Amanda Scanga, Science in Society co-editor As a master’s student working on a clinical trial, I can say with confidence that participants are crucial to our research. The data they provide is imperative for driving discoveries and getting new treatments on the market. If you have ever wanted to make impactful contributions to science […]

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Take a closer look: How to fight back against online disinformation

By Katie Compton, Policy and Politics editor For my last post on disinformation, I spoke with researchers who study the sources and impacts of intentionally misleading information online. I came away from those interviews with a better sense of the problem’s scale and how disinformation erodes people’s trust in the media, government, and other institutions. […]

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Microbes could be the solution to our waste plastics problem

By Ishara Yahampath, guest contributor Globally, 400 metric tonnes of plastic are produced annually: 40% is single-use, resulting in significant waste. Every year, 29,000 tonnes of plastic are released into Canada’s environment, causing serious environmental problems—the accumulation of plastic waste in land and water ecosystems, leakage of harmful microbes into the environment, and threats to […]

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