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DIY time machines: how Canadian researchers use data from unexpected sources to recreate the past

By Catherine Dale, Managing Editor Tracking how human influences are changing the natural world is a common goal of science. However, to determine how something is changing, you need to know what it looked like in the past – and often, no records exist. To fill this gap, scientists sometimes turn to unconventional sources of […]

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Daylight savings: how shifting time affects our internal clock

By Amanda Scanga, Science in Society editor The beginning of daylight savings time (DST) can be encouraging for some as it promises that spring and warmer weather are near. While most of us shift to DST with little effort, there are quite a few who struggle to make the change. The changing number of daylight […]

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Op-Ed: What the fitness and health media forget to talk about

By Cristina Sanza, guest contributor “Should I do more cardio or weights?” “Are dumbbells or machines better?” “How long do I need to exercise to see results?” Questions like these are all too common when you work in fitness. If you look to the media for answers, you’ll find them: a new study compares weights […]

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The art of the career pivot: tips for a successful transition out of academia – Blog


As 2023 comes to a close, we are winding down our series of Borealis Blog highlights. The blog will be back in 2024 with all-new content – but for now, here is one final highlight! Check out this 2019 post about a subject of perennial interest to STEM students: what to do after graduation. In […]

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