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Have you met your digital twin?

By Naeema Bhyat, Technology & Engineering editor Someday soon, your city, your house, your planet and even you could have a digital twin. Digital twins are virtual models that exist alongside one or more physical objects, systems or processes. IBM describes them as “a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, […]

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Scientists look billions of years into the past to learn about our future

By Nada Salem, Physics & Astronomy editor Few events mark the beginning of a new age in astronomy the way that the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) did last summer. In July 2022, the first full-colour images from the honeycomb-shaped JWST stunned the world. They captured moments from the infancy of the universe beamed from […]

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Air pollution is a major threat to our health

By Jenna Finley, Biology & Life Sciences co-editor Man-made pollution is one of the biggest threats we face — microplastics everywhere, contaminated drinking water, plastic garbage floating on the oceans. Data show that pollution is already causing deaths, and new evidence suggests that it may be worse than previously assumed. In 2016, the World Health […]

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