Asking “who” before “how”: understanding your audience for effective science communication

By Tiffany Chiu, guest editor Do you ever feel like your communication efforts fall on deaf ears? You are not alone. Most scientists want to share their research to make a difference in society. But many struggle to put that desire into practice. They share information that they believe is important, rather than understanding and […]

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Artificial intelligence’s influence on science communication and public engagement

By Jagpreet Kaur Maker, Borealis Blog editor Science communication plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between scientific advancements and the public. In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into research, education, and communication activities has revolutionized various aspects of society, including science communication. In Canada, a nation known for its rich […]

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Op-Ed: What the fitness and health media forget to talk about

By Cristina Sanza, guest contributor “Should I do more cardio or weights?” “Are dumbbells or machines better?” “How long do I need to exercise to see results?” Questions like these are all too common when you work in fitness. If you look to the media for answers, you’ll find them: a new study compares weights […]

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The art of the career pivot: tips for a successful transition out of academia – Blog


As 2023 comes to a close, we are winding down our series of Borealis Blog highlights. The blog will be back in 2024 with all-new content – but for now, here is one final highlight! Check out this 2019 post about a subject of perennial interest to STEM students: what to do after graduation. In […]

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The history of science: The story of humanity’s pursuit of knowledge – Blog

University of Toronto laboratory where insulin was discovered. Photo from University of Toronto Archives. Public domain.

This week, we are featuring a post written in 2021 by Science in Society editor Mary Anne Schoenhardt. In this post, Mary Anne explores what it means to study the history of science – and why it’s important that we continue to do so. By Mary Anne Schoenhardt, Science in Society editor The summer of […]

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