Jagpreet Kaur: Science communication and social media team expert

Jagpreet is a science communicator and medical editor with a Master’s degree in Science Communication from Laurentian University, Sudbury. With a background in Industrial Biotechnology, she has a background in medical editing and healthcare advertising. She currently works with Klick Health as a Medical Editor. Her interest lies in researching how different countries use healthcare […]

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A walk in the park? Teaching kids to think like scientists

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Katrina Vera Wong, Multimedia co-editor When I was 14, I was asked to mix some chemicals together for an exam. The result was a beaker full of dazzling, golden glitter. Until then, chemistry had been an interesting but purely academic subject. But once I saw that first sparkle, I appreciated it on a deeper level. […]

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Who’s there when disaster strikes in Canada?

By Josh Silberg, Policy and Politics Editor Be prepared. Between scouts and the Lion King, this motto was heavily emphasized during my younger years. And yet, “make earthquake emergency kit” has remained unchecked on my to-do list for months. Since I live on a major fault line, my former scout leader—my dad—would not be pleased. My […]

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