Promoting your Science Borealis articles

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A key part of being a science communicator today is extending the reach of your blog posts via social media. For every Science Borealis article you write, you will also write one Facebook post and one Twitter post to promote your blog post. Include your draft social media posts at the end of your second-draft article copy when you submit it to the senior editors. The Outreach team will review and provide feedback on your draft social media posts, which Science Borealis will use to promote your article.

  • The Facebook post: This could be a one- or two-line summary of the post, a hook to get audience to read your article, a question, or a quote from your article. Keep it short and succinct. This is your opportunity to get readers interested and click through to your post to read more. If your article is relevant to any group/organization/institution/program (stakeholders) with a Facebook page, please list them when you submit the Facebook post. Resource: The Anatomy of a Successful Facebook Post
  • The tweet: This will be at most 280 characters – but less is best. Again, this can be a one-line summary of the post, a hook, a question, or a quote. Research and include hashtags relevant to the subject field of your article, as well as tag appropriate groups/organizations/institutions/programs (stakeholders) that have Twitter accounts. Don’t forget to include any interviewee on Twitter.


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