Meet the Science Borealis team with #SciBorSelfies!

This year, Science Borealis celebrates our 4th anniversary by paying tribute to our amazing team of volunteers! These are the folks who do the hard work every day to keep things running. We had each team member draw a simple line drawing self-portrait, which was then colourized and SciBorated by art team member Peggy Muddles. […]

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Science Blogging Essentials: Cutting the Dead Wood

hybrid chinese

by Kimberly Moynahan Science in Society subject editor One of my freelance jobs involves writing panels for science centres, nature reserves, and museums. Informational and interpretive panels are an important way to deliver science to visitors who presumably already have an interest in the topic. But even with an audience that’s self-selecting, it’s still tricky […]

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Help Us Celebrate Our First Anniversary with a Blog Carnival!

by Kimberly Moynahan Science in Society subject editor On November 22, Science Borealis turns one! It’s been a really busy year for our team of volunteers — running the day-to-day activities of Science Borealis, keeping our website up and running, engaging in all of our social media streams, approving and syndicating new blogs, and making […]

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