Tamara Rosner, Health, Medicine & Veterinary Sciences editor

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Tammy received her PhD in cognitive psychology from McMaster University in 2018. Her research was on the effect of repetition on memory performance, and trying to understand the un-intuitive memory effect of repetitions being remembered less well than single items.

She has been involved in the science-communications world since 2017, when she began volunteering for Let’s Talk Science, doing science outreach and activities in schools for students in kindergarten to grade 12. In 2018, she joined the Science Borealis as a Health, Medicine and Veterinary Sciences editor. Her additional background in clinical psychology has led to most of her SciBor articles examining mental health.

In her spare time, Tammy enjoys playing board games, listening to podcasts (most of them related to science or Harry Potter), and crocheting. As a Slytherin, one of her personal goals is to emulate a Hufflepuff.

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Feature image: Tammy (right) takes an opportunity to pose at the photobooth of the Current Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology 2018 conference that was hosted by the McMaster University chapter of Women in Science and Engineering.

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