Emily Olson: Bee whisperer and Communications, Outreach & Education editor

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Emily Olson_Alberta Bee Inspector

Emily worked as a Bee Inspector for the Government of Alberta.

Spending summers on the shores of Lac Ste Anne, Alberta, as a child, Emily developed a love of nature at an early age. Inspecting insects, plants, and fish sparked an interest for biology that eventually lead her to a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Alberta.

During her education, she became a beekeeper and worked as a Bee Inspector for the Government of Alberta. She enjoyed educating others about bee biology and diseases, which lead her to the field of environmental education and science communication. She is passionate about making science approachable and understandable to people without a background in science. She loves teaching children about nature and science, hoping to spark that same interest that she had as a child.

Emily joined Science Borealis in January 2021 and shares the Communication, Education & Outreach beat with co-editor Tarryn Bourhill.

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