Jagpreet Kaur: Science communication and social media team expert

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Jagpreet Kaur
Jagpreet is a science communicator and medical editor with a Master’s degree in Science Communication from Laurentian University, Sudbury.
With a background in Industrial Biotechnology, she has a background in medical editing and healthcare advertising. She currently works with Klick Health as a Medical Editor. Her interest lies in researching how different countries use healthcare advertising strategies and how the framing and narrative changes with different audiences.
Jagpreet joined Science Borealis December 2019 after her graduation and works on our Twitter along with other members of our social media team.
Growing up in the sunny land of Bollywood, Sudbury welcomed her with an accelerated Canadian winter experience, with the wind chill feeling like -52 degrees Celsius. Ask her about freezing rain and she has many terrifying stories. Outside of healthcare and life sciences, she is a fan of horror and true crime podcasts and series, an interest she picked up during the pandemic. If you want to talk about the science of murders or the paranormal or anything in between, she is the person to go to!
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