Jenna Finlay, Biology & Life Sciences editor

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jennaDespite spending most of her life in a major metropolitan area, Jenna has always had a keen interest in the natural world – more specifically, in plants. She has maintained multiple gardens and immediately took a job in the university’s phytotron upon leaving home – a rather direct path that led her to an undergraduate thesis studying (you guessed it) more plants. She’s also done research and taught about beetle ecology, epidemiology, and Ontario lake fish species.

Realizing the critical knowledge gap between the public and the academic science community due to communication failures on both sides is what first pushed her into the world of science media. She’s since worked as a science communicator at a university newspaper and as a podcast co-host. She joined Science Borealis as a Biology & Life Sciences editor in early 2019.

Currently, Jenna is finishing her M.Sc. in biology at Queen’s University, where she is studying the effects of large mammalian herbivores on wildflower growth strategies.

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