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Michael Limmena, Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science editor

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Michael Limmena2Growing up in both Indonesia and Philippines, Michael has spent a lot of his childhood reading the latest science books in the local libraries and bookstores, reading as much as he could to better understand how society, the world, and the universe around us work. Sometime between deciding whether to become a lawyer, a doctor, or a scientist, he became deeply interested in both the natural and social sciences and decided to pursue a BSc. (Hons.) degree in Chemistry in UBC while taking additional psychology and sociology courses to help broaden his perspective on various health and social issues in preparation for a possible career in medicine.

After presenting in a few undergraduate research conferences during his 1st and 2nd year, doing a year-long internship in Cross Cancer Institute, and volunteering at Stanley Park, he began to develop a keen interest in science communication to help combat against misinformation and improve scientific literacy in the public. Eventually, this has led him to write science articles for Science Borealis to gain better insights and learn how to hone his writing skills for a wider and diverse audience.

He is currently in his final year in his undergraduate studies in University of British Columbia where he recently finished writing a thesis on optimizing the synthesis of terminal functionalized amino-containing polymers for possible material applications. When not writing articles or taking courses, he enjoys cooking, baking bread, reading novels, and watching Chinese martial arts movies (especially ones starring Jet Li or Donnie Yen).

He joined Science Borealis in September 2020 as a Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science editor, working alongside Tamara Rosner and Dorottya Harangi.

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One thought on “Michael Limmena, Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science editor

  1. wow Michael your amazing transfomation from a nerd and very loving son you have propelled to great heights -the inherited work habits -talent and maximized all your hidden multiple talents to the max – I remember you being inseparable to your beautiful mom -adoring her and focus your attention to her -watching her talent in baking -business -social skills -every thing that she is doing for the family -and unconsciously absorbed her multiple talents- in whatever she is doing -super congratulations you have metamohosed in to a responsible – multitalented intelligent workaholic independent man of substance -Of all people you were silent- quiet who just want to hold your mothers hand -and and put your head on her shoulders -making her smile and deliriously happy Michael you definitely amazed and mesmerized me- dra cora jose a true friend of your mommy Beth YOU aRE ADMIRABLE AND yOU GAVE HONOR TO LIMENA FAMILY

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