Should I attend the Science March?

demostrators marching

By Alex Chattwood, Communication, Education and Outreach Co-Editor A debate is stirring within the pro-science community over the April 22 March for Science (M4S), a 52-day-old collective that claims, “to support and safeguard the scientific community.” As a one-time scientist turned science educator, I want to support science and scientific ways of thinking however I […]

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Teachers & Students Talk New BC Curriculum

By Alex Chattwood, Communication, Education and Outreach Editor   On the first day of the 2016–17 school year, the new curriculum became mandatory in K–9 classrooms across British Columbia, with Grade 10–12 to follow suit next year. Sweeping changes have given both educators and students a lot to think about. I decided to survey some […]

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Making Waves in Science: Gravity

By Alex Chattwood and Susan Vickers, Communications, Education and Outreach Editors The detection of gravitational waves last month by LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, a collaborative observatory and experiment in the US designed for this very purpose) scientists was a huge deal, not just for scientists, but for everyone. According to Google Trends, “gravitational […]

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