Coded Bias: How algorithmic biases affect all of us

Sri Ray-Chauduri and Esme Symons, Technology and Engineering editors If you think the documentary Coded Bias sounds like it’s only for technology or engineering enthusiasts, think again. If you have ever used social media, bought something online or walked down a street of a big city, then you need to watch this film! The documentary explores bias […]

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Implicit gender bias: Overriding the mental shortcuts holding back women in STEM

Pixabay cc0

Katie Compton, Science Policy and Politics editor Picture an engineer. Now picture a scientist. What images did you see? What do these people you envisioned look like? Maybe you imagined a person working in a lab, or someone out in the field. Perhaps you saw a person at a podium giving a talk at a […]

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Unconscious biases in the grant peer-review process

Nahomi Amberber, Policy & Politics co-editor On February 27, 2018, the Government of Canada released a budget that many in the scientific community described as a “win’ because it dramatically increased funding for fundamental research. For those following science policy in Canada, this decision was not surprising, because it had been years in the making. In […]

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