Participating in clinical trials contributes to scientific breakthroughs

By Amanda Scanga, Science in Society co-editor As a master’s student working on a clinical trial, I can say with confidence that participants are crucial to our research. The data they provide is imperative for driving discoveries and getting new treatments on the market. If you have ever wanted to make impactful contributions to science […]

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Organoids: precious research tool or glamour science?


Nikolaos Mitrousis and Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology & Engineering co-editors In the past five years, research into organoids has attracted a lot of attention from scientists, engineers, and journalists alike. But what are organoids? Why are they made, and how can they be useful? Our bodies develop from stem cells, which grow, divide, and create all […]

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A summer of health, medicine, and veterinary science blogging

manufactured meat

by Kasra Hassani Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Sciences subject editor Health, Medicine, and Veterinary Science bloggers at Science Borealis have had a busy summer generating informative and entertaining stories for their readers. Here are some summer highlights from our favorite blogs. Regulating homeopathic products Science-Based Pharmacy blog has been keenly following the ongoing debate about […]

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Animal Testing and Human Health: A Tricky Balance

lab mouse

by Kasra Hassani Health, Medicine & Veterinary Sciences subject editor Animal experimentation is and will probably always remain a controversial issue. On one side stand those who believe that understanding human physiology and disease is not possible without experimenting on animals. On the other side stand those who condemn absolutely any use of animals for […]

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Trading in Wellness

by Hannah Hoag and Kasra Hassani Health, Medicine & Veterinary Science subject editors Less than 25 years ago, a McMaster University research group headed by David Sackett and Gordon Guyatt developed a set of methods to test the scientific value and clinical benefits of medical interventions. The methodology helped push physicians to practice evidence-based – […]

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