Science Blogging Essentials: Cutting the Dead Wood

hybrid chinese

by Kimberly Moynahan Science in Society subject editor One of my freelance jobs involves writing panels for science centres, nature reserves, and museums. Informational and interpretive panels are an important way to deliver science to visitors who presumably already have an interest in the topic. But even with an audience that’s self-selecting, it’s still tricky […]

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You’ve got mail! And everything else. What’s a science blogger to do?

by Kimberly Moynahan Science in Society subject editor Yup, those were the days. Dialing in. Enduring hours of busy signal. Waiting interminably for the connection. Peering hopefully at the little AOL mailbox, wishing…wishing … wishing for …yes! The red flag’s up! “You’ve got mail!” Okay, those weren’t really the days. The online world was frustratingly […]

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Plain language, mitochondrial donation, and sketchy science – all under the Science Borealis roof

by Brian Owens and Stephanie LePage General Science editors Occasionally, when it comes time to write one of these highlights posts, the General Science editors feel a little envious of the other subject categories on Science Borealis. While Sarah and Sri over in Earth & Environment had a ready-made topic in the International Year of […]

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