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We want to know: are Canadian science bloggers shouting into an echo chamber?

Dear Science Borealis Member,

Have you ever wondered who your blog readers are or where they come from? Do you sometimes suspect that we’re all just blogging to each other, shouting into a great big Canadian science blog echo chamber? Well we have too! And now we’re in a position to find some answers.

We’ve teamed up with Dr. Paige Jarreau from Louisiana State University to conduct a broad survey of our readers — those who visit the Science Borealis blog and those who visit yours. We want to ask those readers who they are, where they come from and what their thoughts are on science communications and science blogging in Canada. We also want to find out if Science Borealis is being effective in our efforts to promote our bloggers.

But in order to do all of this, we need to survey as many readers as possible, and that means engaging your help. At this time we’d like to invite you to host a link to the survey on your blog during the 3-week survey period from Nov 23 to Dec 14. If you have time we’d also ask that you promote the survey to your regular readers via the channels you normally use — blog posts, newsletters, Twitter, and other social media. That’s it.

What will you get from this? You’ll learn how many readers take the survey from your blog, where they come from, and about their reading habits. From our broader data, which we will post, you’ll also learn about the overall science blog readership in Canada. And of course, there will be PRIZES!

PRIZES: ​Participating bloggers will be entered for a random draw for prizes including a $50 & $20 retail gift cards, Science Borealis t-shirts, books, and more! In addition, four bloggers will be selected to have their blogs featured on the Borealis Blog in 2016.
Right now we’re just asking for your commitment to host the survey link and promote it. If the answer to that is a resounding YES, just drop us an email at with the subject: Sign Me Up!

Then next week we’ll be in touch with more information and the link to the survey.

Thank you for continuing to support science communication in Canada.

– The Science Borealis Team

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