Teachers and students talk new B.C. curriculum

Alex Chattwood, Communication, Education & Outreach Editor   On the first day of the 2016–17 school year, the new curriculum became mandatory in K–9 classrooms across British Columbia, with Grade 10–12 to follow suit next year. Sweeping changes have given both educators and students a lot to think about. I decided to survey some of […]

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Who are science communicators? And a survey

audience toys

Susan Vickers and Lisa Willemse, Communication, Education & Outreach co-editors Let’s begin by clearing up a small point of possible confusion. This post covers two different surveys: one happening now, and one conducted last year. The current one is the Science Borealis survey of blog readers, which Science Borealis is conducting in collaboration with Dr. […]

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How we do science communication: survey results

Lisa Willemse and Catherine Anderson, Communication, Education & Outreach co-editors In our last editorial, we discussed a report by the Council of Canadian Academies that labeled science culture as “underdeveloped” in English Canada. This gap appears to be rich in opportunity for Canadian science bloggers and other creators of science communications. But those of us […]

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