The Science Borealis editorial cycle

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Every article that we publish on Science Borealis undergoes a rigorous editorial review and must be approved and accepted by our senior editors before publication.

If you contribute to Science Borealis, either as a guest contributor or as a regular subject/contributing editor, you will work directly with our professional editor–mentors over several drafts of your article while you revise and polish it. Although we offer this to our contributors at no cost, the opportunity does require all parties to commit time and attention to the process.

Regularly scheduled articles by our members of our editorial team goes through a five-week editorial cycle. The editorial coordinator will email reminders to relevant team members at the start of each week, noting coming deadlines. We recommend our subject editors give thought to their topic and do some preliminary research long before the start of their article’s editorial cycle.


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SciBor editorial cycle calendar-general

Science Borealis’s editorial cycle


  • Your written pitch idea and possible dates and times for your Slack pitch-session are due to the editors by the Friday of Week 1. (Want to pitch even earlier? Yes, please! We encourage you to pitch as early as possible.) Email your pitches to the senior editorial team:
  • Your pitch session is due by 3pm, Eastern Time, on Friday of Week 2.
  • Your first draft is due by 3pm, Eastern Time, Friday of Week 3.
  • Your second draft is due by 3pm, Eastern Time, Wednesday of Week 4. This includes embedded images with captions and photo credits. Proposed social media blurbs should be included at the end of the text.
  • Throughout Week 5, you will work with the senior editors to revise, polish and finalize your article. Note that this may entail several exchanges with the editors before they consider the article complete and ready for publication.
  • Your final copy, complete with embedded images, captions and image credits. In the accompanying email include the original image files and Facebook and Twitter posts with hashtags and handles relevant to your article, is due to the Editors by Wednesday (noon, Eastern Time) of Week 5.
  • Your article will be published the following Monday that is not a statutory holiday.

Please inform the managing editor and editorial coordinator well in advance if you are not able to complete your article for your rotation.

With approval from the managing editor, you are free to trade posting dates with another subject editor. We suggest you try to arrange the trade on your own before asking the team coordinator to assist you.


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